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16 Residential Properties in Seven States. Selling in BULK as a Portfolio only!

ID# 6 - 1022 S Academy St., Galesburg, IL
PIN 99-15-380-006, 852sf, Built 1906

ID# 20 - 1122 16th Ave., Rockford, IL
PIN 11-35-230-011, 1,750sf, Built 1920

ID# 28 - 1309 Maryland St., Gary, IN
PIN 45-08-10-182-003.000-004, 1,587sf, Built 1929

ID# 29 - 1767 Van Buren St., Gary, IN
PIN 45-08-09-411-006.000-004, 1,724sf, 2 story, Built 1924

ID# 36 - 1133 Garrard St., Covington, KY
PIN 054-24-24-012.00, 1,728sf, 2 story

ID# 54 - 2112 69th St., St. Louis, MO
PIN 16H541010, 1,036sf, Built 1935

ID# 100 - 506 Rice St., Springfield, OH
PIN 34007000344220406, 1,190sf, Built 1886

ID# 104 - 3409 Maple St., Toledo, OH
PIN 0710081, 880sf, Built 1909

ID# 106 - 911 Kingston Ave., Toledo, OH
PIN 12-00831, 967sf, Built 1919

ID# 111 - 1106 Paul Fredrick St., Luling, LA
PIN 103200D00054, 1,000sf

ID# 115 - 800 Klere St., Duquesne, PA
PIN 306D318, 1,095sf, Built 1990

ID# 117 - 2704 Forest St., McKeesport, PA
PIN 0460-N-00210-0000-00, 1,344sf, Built 1906

ID# 119 - 1251 Kenneth Ave., Kensington, PA
PIN 2403110259, limited info

ID# 121 - 212 Chester Ave., Pittsburg, PA
PIN 46-J-273, 1,092sf, Built 1900

ID# 122 - 678 N 2nd St., Pottsville, PA
PIN 68-13-0144.00, 1,455sf, Built 1880

ID# 123 - 148 1st Ave., Sharon, PA
PIN 2 B 61, vacant land

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Sat, May 8, 2021 12:00PM
Sun, May 16, 2021 5:00PM
16 Properties in Seven States All Residential, Selling in Bulk ONLY! Located in IL, IN, KY, MO, OH, LA and PA Bidding Starts May 8th at noon and ends May 16th at 5:00 pm

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